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The Descendents of Alexander of ALRETHES and the ancient family of ALLARDICE in Kincardineshire, Scotland UK... and those bearing, or descended from, the ALLARDICE/ARDIS and Related Surnames... including ALARDYCE, ALDERDICE, ALDERDYCE, ALERDYCE, ALLARDICE, ALLARDYCE, ALLERDICE, ARDES, ARDIS, and ARDYCE


The Lee ARDIS Reunion

Lee ARDIS Branch, The John ARDIS Sept

2000 April 22
Poinsett State Park
Shelter #1
6660 Poinsett Park Road
Wedgefield, South Carolina USA
NOTE: This is 18 miles southwest of Sumter, off SC 261, near Wedgefield.

The Lee ARDIS Branch of The John ARDIS Sept of South Carolina USA will celebrate its annual ARDIS Reunion on  Saturday, 2000 April 22. The location is Shelter #1, Poinsett State Park, Wedgefield, South Carolina USA.

Poinsett State Park, Wedgefield, South Carolina USA

The reunion will last from 11:00AM until 5:00PM. There is a big volleyball game after lunch that is taken very seriously every year. It is covered dish affair. Admission is "donations only".

First Official Flag of South Carolina, adopted 1861.

Lee Washington ARDIS was the son of Henry ARDIS, the oldest son of John William ARDIS and Hulda [GRIFFIN] [GRAHAM] ARDIS. All Descendents of Lee ARDIS, their families, and their friends are invited to attend this potluck affair. Also welcome are members of the other ARDIS Septs, anyone with the ARDIS or Related Surnames, or any other folk having a sincere interest in the ARDIS Family.

For additional information contact:

Carol Shirah

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Poinsett State Park, Wedgefield, South Carolina USA,-- Courtesy Carolina Now

Poinsett State Park, Wedgefield, South Carolina USA,-- Courtesy Boy Scouts of America

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